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Adjust Massage Nottingham

We want to help YOU TO FEEL BETTER!

As one of the leading Nottingham massage practices in West Bridgford, we specialise in sports massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Indian head massage, aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage & pregnancy massage.

At Adjust, we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity - providing a bespoke service to each client by tailoring each massage treatment to your individual needs. Click here to meet the team.

Not sure what kind of massage you need? Let us help you decide! Here's a brief explanation of each massage we offer.

Sports massage - A strong massage, specific to a certain area of the body that is giving you trouble. The first massage includes a consultation where the therapist will ask questions and check your movement & posture to ascertain what the problem is.

Deep tissue massage - Generally a strong massage, but the pressure can be tailored to suit you. This massage is aimed at releasing tension with less focus on fixing a specific problem.

Swedish massage - This full body massage uses oil and a lighter pressure, to provide a deeply relaxing experience.

Indian head massage - This massage uses techniques to relax the scalp, face, neck, arms and upper back to help you de-stress.

Pregnancy massage - Designed specifically for pregnant ladies, this massage is aimed at providing pure relaxation before baby arrives.

Back Massage - 45 minutes of massage specifically on your back - opt for a strong or relaxing massage.

Aromatherapy massage - Gain the benefits of essential oils, whilst enjoying a true sensory massage experience.

Hot stone massage - Smooth heated stones are laid on the skin to warm the muscles, before they are used to massage the body.

Blog Mon May 29 10:00
How Massage Can Help You Sleep Better

How Massage Can Help You to Sleep Better

We all love to sleep

Sleep is a natural and vital part of our lives – it helps us to remain energized, happy and healthy and it gives our bodies time to repair, heal and process emotions and thoughts from the day. The amount of sleep needed varies person to person with some people existing quite happily on 5 hours a night, however, most people like to get a good 7-8 hours per night. We all have the occasional bad night where we toss and turn, or a late night out. A temporary lack of sleep isn’t too much of an issue if you generally sleep well. However, if you suffer with poor quality broken sleep on a nightly basis, or you have insomnia where you barely sleep at all, then this means that you no doubt are at the point of absolute exhaustion!

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How are all you #outlawhalf peeps feeling? Congrats on your achievement
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Good luck to everyone out running today from Edinburgh to Liverpool to closer to home with the Nottingham 10k! Let us know how you get on.

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