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As one of the leading massage practices in West Bridgford, we offer sports massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Indian head massage, hot stone massage, pregnancy massage and reflexology. We also provide full-body biomechanical assessments, including gait analysis and golf swing video analysis.

At Adjust, we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity - providing a bespoke service to each client by tailoring each massage treatment to your individual needs. Click here to meet the team.

Adjust Massage was set up in 2014 and is located only a few minutes’ drive from Nottingham city centre in the quiet residential area of Lady Bay, West Bridgford. There’s free on-site parking and free street parking if required.

We have three rooms at the clinic: 2 bright and spacious treatment rooms where we offer our sports massage, deep tissue massage and biomechanics assessments, and 1 holistic room that has a heated memory foam massage couch and ambient lighting. This is where our more relaxing massage treatments such as pregnancy massage and reflexology take place. We have a small waiting area downstairs that you can use if you arrive a little early for your appointment. Simply ring the doorbell for your therapist, let yourself in (the door will be unlocked) and take a seat. Your therapist will come down and collect you when it’s time for your appointment. Toilet facilities are available upstairs next to the treatment rooms.

If you would like to have a quick look around our clinic, please watch our short video.


Not sure what kind of massage you need? Let us help you decide! Here's a brief explanation of each massage we offer.

Sports massage - A strong massage, specific to a certain area of the body that is giving you trouble. The first massage includes a consultation where the therapist will ask questions and check your movement & posture to ascertain what the problem is.

Deep tissue massage - Generally a strong massage, but the pressure can be tailored to suit you. This massage is aimed at releasing tension with less focus on fixing a specific problem.

Swedish massage - This full body massage uses oil and a lighter pressure, to provide a deeply relaxing experience.

Indian head massage - This massage uses techniques to relax the scalp, face, neck, arms and upper back to help you de-stress.

Pregnancy massage - Designed specifically for pregnant ladies, this massage is aimed at providing pure relaxation before baby arrives.

Back massage - 45 minutes of massage specifically on your back - opt for a strong or relaxing massage.

Hot stone massage - Smooth heated stones are laid on the skin to warm the muscles, before they are used to massage the body.

Reflexology - Working with pressure points on the feet, bringing the body into balance & stimulating the body’s healing processes.

Blog Mon Feb 25 19:39
Move More, Sit Less: The Dangers of Sitting All Day

The dangers of sitting all day

Most of the modern-day population are living with some kind of muscular dysfunction. Years of performing the same actions such as sitting at a desk, driving, standing and using smartphones has had a massive impact on the level of dysfunction in our bodies.  This happens because our bodies are held in the incorrect posture. For example, you might drop one hip when you stand, drive with one arm high up the steering wheel, or sit with your wallet in your back pocket. Or maybe you hang your neck forward to stare down at your phone. Sound familiar?

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Psst... did you know we have appointments available as early as 6:30am? \u2600 . Start your morning right with a massage and receive a complimentary coffee \uff0b nakd Wholefoods bar! \u2615
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Move more, sit less! Did you know, around 85% of our clients come to see us with some form of back pain? James shares his top tips to reduce the aches and pains caused by sitting at a desk, driving, and even using smartphones 👩‍💻

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