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A Second Clinic in West Bridgford!

Tags: Sports Massage, Gait Analysis, Biomechanics


We at Adjust Massage have been even busier than usual lately. Why? We’ve been getting ready to open a second massage clinic.

Our new clinic opened today at Roko Health Club in West Bridgford. Search for Roko to find us on your favourite map app.

Ideally located near the A52

Like our first location in Lady Bay, our new clinic can be reached both by car and by bus. The new clinic is near the A52 - Clifton Boulevard -  making it easy to reach for many of our customers from the southern and eastern suburbs of Nottingham. The new Adjust Massage is a ten-minute drive from Beeston, Clifton and Ruddington, and parking is free and plentiful.

You may choose to schedule a massage after a workout at Roko Health Club, but you don’t need to be a member of the health club to use the massage clinic. Our clinic is on the first floor and has its own seating area, and our clients can also wait for their appointments in the cafe on the ground floor. Arrive early, enjoy a smoothie, and get some work done while you wait!

Better Biomechanics

We’re excited about some of the opportunities our new location has to offer. We’re working with Roko, and they are allowing us to take full advantage of the equipment they have available.

With access to treadmills, we will be able to provide even more detailed biomechanical assessments as well as conduct full gait analyses, when this service launches in the next couple of months. These services can help us target our therapies effectively, and help you demolish pain points and overcome limitations.

Sports Massage in West Bridgford

Sports massages, biomechanics assessments and gait analyses will be the three central therapies we offer at our Roko West Bridgford clinic.

We at Adjust Massage are looking forward to introducing our clients to this convenient new location, and we are excited about the expanded services we’re going to be offering. Join us at Roko for our most advanced diagnostic services and sports massage treatments. Let’s move past injuries and plateaus and towards a fitter, higher-performance future.

Working With

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