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Category: News

A New Adjust Massage Clinic in Sheffield - Opening 27th May 2021

Categories: News
Tags: Sheffield

Due to our two successful Adjust Massage Clinics in Nottingham, we have decided it’s time to take our expertise to a new city. We are pleased to announce that we are opening a new 3-room clinic in the Sharrow/Nether Edge area of Sheffield, 2 minutes from Sharrow Vale and Ecclesall Road. Our convenient location just outside the city centre allows for free on-site parking for our customers. We are open both evenings and weekends, offering sports massage, deep tissue massage and back massage services, perfect for clients to arrange a post-work or weekend massage treatment.

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A New Massage Clinic in Beeston

Categories: News
Tags: Massage, Beeston

We at Adjust Massage have just been offered an opportunity we couldn’t refuse: the chance to expand our business by opening a new clinic in Boost your Body’s personal training studio in Beeston.

Our new clinic will open for business on Saturday 8th June but you don’t need to wait until then to book an appointment. You can either call us on 0115 9699926 or book online by selecting the Beeston clinic and your preferred time.

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