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Gait Analysis for Runners

Categories: Gait Analysis
Tags: Runners, Running Shoes, Roko, Running Injuries



You enjoy running: crisp mornings alone with your thoughts, plenty of stamina for everything you want to do, a fit, energetic feeling, that runner's high… 

If you're a runner, then you want to be able to keep running, and you'd probably like to improve your performance. Gait analysis can help you stay as active as you want to be and give you the knowledge you need to improve your form and blow past your limitations.

Gait analysis can reduce your risk of injury

When you're a runner, a foot or leg injury like plantar fasciitis, runner's knee, tendinitis, shin splints or Iliotibial band syndrome can be disastrous to your fitness routine. Ankle strains and stress fractures can literally take you out of the race. The balance you've achieved in your life, the level of fitness you enjoy, even the way you look: an injury can put it all at risk. 

Injuries are the most common reason people give up running, and runners have a surprisingly high risk of injury. According to Runner's World surveys, at least 50% of runners are injured each year. Some have to give up running as a result.

Gait analysis can prevent injury by helping you correct your stride. From pre-landing through impact to mid-stance and all the way to toe-off, video gait analysis helps us identify issues with your posture, arm swing, cadence and muscle response. Once we have identified the weaknesses in your stride, you can work to correct them, making injury much less likely.

Gait analysis can make your training more efficient

Once we've recorded your gait on video, we can assess the motion of your feet, legs, knees, hips and upper body to identify issues and make recommendations. Our suggestions could include increasing cadence, pushing harder in the toe-off phase or just trying to run more quietly.

Strength training is also an important tool for correcting gait and more often than not we will be sending you home with exercises to help you get stronger. Depending on what we find, we can also help you make a decision on the type of trainer to best suit your running style. This advice will of course be impartial as we don’t sell trainers!

You can reduce the risk of overuse injuries and make running easier on your body by putting the information gained from running gait analysis to work in your training.

Schedule an appointment with Adjust

Gait analysis can help you avoid injury and move past plateaus in your performance. Every runner can benefit. Work with Adjust to get the feedback you need to make real, measurable improvements. Keep running, and keep getting better. 

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