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Get More Active with Biomechanics Testing

Categories: Biomechanics
Tags: Nottingham, Roko, Sport, Performance

2018 is just getting started, and of course it’s the time of year when many of us are making changes in our habits that we hope will bring us enhanced performance, more energy and better health. Whether you’re starting a new fitness routine, taking up an active hobby, varying your mix of activities, or intensifying your training, biomechanics testing can help.

Have You Felt Limited in Your Progress?

Have you been working hard and not seeing the improvements in performance you had hoped for? Biomechanics testing at Adjust can help you find the missing pieces of the puzzle. Assessments are available at both our original Nottingham clinic and our new Roko clinic in West Bridgford. We run 27 tests that assess your movement holistically and once you know what the issues are, you can take control. Work with us, your coach or your trainer to address the issues we identify, and you may find your old limitations have disappeared.

Is Pain Getting in the Way?

Some people say ‘no pain, no gain’, but really, pain is the enemy of progress. Nothing is more likely to put men and women off sports and fitness, and taking a rest in response to pain is not a sign of weakness. Sore muscles may be a normal response to a change in routine, but persistent pain and joint pain are your body telling you, “Stop, I need to heal!” The trouble is, if you injure yourself every time you try to push things forward, you will never make progress.

Overuse injuries, joint problems and other sources of pain have root causes, and they’re not always obvious. Biomechanics testing can identify them. Addressing these issues through flexibility training, strength training, improved movement patterns and massage can allow you to move more efficiently and eliminate pain.

When you have the information you need to properly prepare your body for your training or practice, you can finally stop hurting yourself and move forward with confidence.

Find the Root Cause with Biomechanics Testing

Biomechanics testing can identify many issues that affect your performance and can cause injuries, giving you the opportunity to address them, For example:

  • Muscle imbalances that can be addressed by strengthening opposing muscles and increasing flexibility.
  • Problems with muscle and nerve function that can be addressed through flexibility training and massage.
  • Foot pronation or supination that can be addressed through strengthening, flexibility & exercises.
  • Gaps in your range of motion can be caused by issues with both joint mobility or muscle tightness; these have a variety of treatments and solutions.

You might be amazed at how identifying and working on these issues can make a huge difference in the precision and effectiveness of your movements - not to mention lessening issues with pain and soreness.

Make a Stronger Start in Getting More Active

If you have frustrating issues that have put a dampener on your goals, then biomechanics testing may well provide the answers you need to move forward. The way you move can help or hinder your performance. Let us use biomechanics testing to pinpoint issues with your movements so you can address them directly and put them behind you.

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