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We would like to provide an update on the current state of affairs surrounding COVID-19. 

We are closely monitoring the current and up to date recommendations and guidelines by the hour, ensuring our patients optimal safety and health are at the forefront of practice.

For now, we are open for business as usual, however please rest assured that we are taking extra precautions and closely following government recommendations.

As a massage clinic, we have always had to work in a clean environment and be very aware of excellent hygiene practices. But with the current virus arriving we have made sure we are on our top game when it comes to cleanliness.

What we are doing to stay safe:

  • We are deep cleaning the clinics every day in the early morning.
  • We have alcohol based hand gel in every room and the seating area, along with anti-bacterial hand soap in the toilet and kitchen.
  • Single use paper towels are available for drying hands
  • We have removed all soft toppers from our massage couches until further notice.
  • After every client, we are using medical grade disinfectant to clean all massage couches, surfaces, door handles, switches, oil dispensers, card machines and toilet facilities.
  • All covers, towels & pillow cases are changed after every client and treatment rooms are aired
  • All laundry as always, is being washed & tumble dried.

No staff members will be attending work if feeling unwell or have been in to contact with someone who does. 

Similarly, if you have a cough/temperature or sore throat or feel unwell or have been in close contact with someone who is unwell, please contact us before coming in. We would ask that any patients who have an underlying health condition, including chronic respiratory conditions, to consider whether attending their appointment is suitable at this time.

 Thanks, team Adjust

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