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Back Massage

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Exactly what it says on the tin!

The majority of our clients come to us complaining about some kind of back discomfort, such as lower back pain, a stiff neck or aching shoulders. These common niggles often come about from bad posture and the day-to-day tasks of modern life. We offer a 1 hour and a 45-minute, good old back massage, aimed at tackling the general aches and pains we all get in our backs. The back massage includes a variety of techniques, to iron out the muscle tension that is often responsible for causing the pain experienced in our backs. The pressure is measured to your preference, ranging from strong to more relaxing. 

Back massage is available at our West Bridgford, Beeston and Sheffield clinics.


1 hour £50

45 Mins £40


Gift vouchers are also available to buy online.

A 24 hour cancellation policy is now being used.

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  • Managed to book a last minute back massage after a long day. It was an absolute treat! Hayley took the time to listen and tailor the treatment to my needs - sitting at a desk all day means I have a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders. I came away feeling calm, relaxed and considerably less knotted! Thank you, I'll be back soon!

  • Great massage, I was put at ease and was relaxed within minutes. All my knots are gone and I can't wait for the next one!

  • Pain is pleasure is definitely the case. Since having the massage I have had reduced pain and tension in my upper back and have suffered with less headaches, thank you.

  • I was a bit nervous as I'd never had a massage before, but Jack made me feel comfortable and did a great job working out a lot of pain/tension. I felt noticeably better afterwards! I will definitely be booking again in a few weeks' time.

  • Really helpful at relieving back tension, will come again :)

  • My whole experience with Adjust has been wonderful. I was after a strong back massage, I'm not a sportsman but equally I didn’t want just a relaxing pat down, more something in the middle which can be hard to find. I have had several massages with Sammi who has been really great. In fact everything about Adjust has been great - the online booking works well, the location has some parking, the room is nice and the service has made a big difference to my back. Totally recommended.

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