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Gait Analysis Nottingham

Video Gait Analysis

What does a gait analysis involve?

During a gait analysis, we’ll be assessing the way you run whilst on a treadmill. We will take video footage and we’ll use this to assess you fromHead to foot, looking to see whether there are any biomechanical problems with your gait cycle and offering advice & tips on how to improve your running style and reduce the risk of injury.

Who is a gait analysis suitable for?

A gait analysis is perfect for anyone who wants to understand their running style as well as those runners who experience pain while running or suffer from reoccurring injuries. With our help, we can strengthen areas of weekness & re train bad habits. It won't be long before you're up and running again.

It’s also ideal for anyone looking to start out in running or someone about to purchase new running shoes. During the gait analysis we will see information that will help provide information as to what type of trainers best suit the way you run. The results will also highlight whether it is actually necessary to purchase specialist trainers for supination/overpronation, or whether it’s just a case of making some stength or running style changes to your biomechanics.

What can gait analysis show you?

Gait analysis will show you how you run and whether there are any kinetic chain issues that need addressing. Such as how you land, are you a midfoot runner? forefoot runner? or heel-striker? It will also show if you do or don't over extend before contact with the ground. Maybe there is too much flexion in your joints during the contact stage of the cylce? is there good hip extension / "propultion" at the toe off stage? We will even look at your cadence as this may have a big impact on efficency and or injury.

All of this will help us determine a  strength and conditioning programe to maker you a bullet proof runner!

What conditions can a gait analysis help?

Gait analysis and a good rehab programme or strength plan can help many conditions that involve some type of biomechanical abnormality like foot & ankle pain, knee pain or hip pain.

All gait analysis assessments are carried out by James at our West Bridgford clinic in Roko Health Club.


  • Initial Gait Analysis 1 hr £55
  • Follow up assesment 45 mins £45

A 24 hour cancellation policy is now being used.

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