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Golf Swing Analysis

Improve your golf swing

Are you a golfer who’s getting frustrated because you keep topping the golf ball or wondering why you’re still slicing?

Even seasoned golfers with the best clubs and access to a coach can struggle with their backswing as the underlying issue is often more than just a lack of training or a poor technique.

The biomechanics of the golf swing is very complex, relying on a stable stance, good balance, the ability to maintain posture, adequate torso rotation and a good range of movement in your joints. If you have overtight muscles, joints with restricted range of movement, or weak areas of muscle, then this can have a massive knock-on effect on your golf swing and overall game.

Golf Biomechanics

Tight, overworked muscles in key areas like your shoulders could be hindering your ability to swing through the ball. If your shoulders are tight, the rotation in the backswing is restricted, meaning the golf club cannot get far enough back within the correct plane. To swing back through to the ball, you will have to come at it from up high, in a steep swing, opening the face of the club up and then most likely slicing the ball off into the rough.

In this kind of situation, the body will try to compensate for the lack of shoulder mobility by adding extra rotation in other joints. This rotation could come from the left knee or the hips, or you might cock your wrists to get the club into the correct position. This means your body will be moving away from its optimum positioning and will not be working efficiently throughout the swing. 

With a bit of work from us on key muscles like the pectoralis minor, subscapularis or even piriformis, and some tips on pre-game mobilisation to take with you, these kinetic issues could easily be fixed.

Golf Swing Video Analysis

To help golfers determine whether there could be biomechanical limitations affecting their game, we offer a golf swing video analysis. During these assessments, we use a slow-motion video of your golf swing to assess your body’s biomechanics.

We look in detail at the positioning of your body throughout the swing so we can highlight any key issues in your biomechanical chain and help you to resolve these, giving you the physical ability to use your body to its full potential.

At the end of your assessment we’ll provide you with some exercises you can do at home and if you’re found to have tight muscles, we’ll explain how a sports massage could help to loosen them up.

Please be aware that we are not golf coaches so we are unable to give advice on learning to play or to help you become the next Rory McIlroy! Our purpose is simply to assess your body’s biomechanics and help you move better.

All golf swing assessments are carried out by James.


  • Initial golf swing assessment: 1 hr £55
  • Follow-up assessment: 45 mins £45

A 24-hour cancellation policy is now being used.

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