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Hot Stone Massage Nottingham

add a twist to your massage with hot stones

Add something different to your massage experience by trying a hot stone massage. This full body massage uses oil and smooth basalt stones. The stones are warmed to an ambient temperature and then placed on the skin to help tight muscles relax. A hot stone massage is the best thing for helping to relieve a stiff neck and shoulders or an aching back. The therapist will place the warm stones on your body allowing the heat to permeate deep into the muscles, the therapist will then use essential oils to work the stones into the knots for the ultimate relaxation.

You can call or book direct online, we are two miles from Nottingham city centre.


  • 1 Hour £40
  • 45 minutes £30

Gift vouchers are also available to buy online.

A 24 hour cancellation policy is now being used.

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  • The best hot stone massage i've ever had!


Working With

  • Nottingham University
  • RideFit Academy
  • Kristy Ellis Personal Training
  • Kinetik Fitness
  • Fundamental Sports and Fitness
  • Nottingham Rugby
  • SBR Events
  • Longhorn Marathon
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