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Indian Head Massage Nottingham

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clear your mind

Slow down, clear your mind and get some well deserved time out with a wonderfully relaxing Indian head massage experience.

This extremely effective, stress-relieving treatment is more than just a head massage - it involves massage to the scalp, neck, face, upper back, arms and hands. Massage oil is used to perform a variety of deeply relaxing techniques, to release tension and restore a sense of wellbeing, with the benefits being felt throughout both the body and mind.

When you have an Indian head massage, built-up tension in the head, neck and upper back are released, which can help those that suffer from headaches or migraines. During the massage the mind is calmed, helping to reduce anxiety and insomnia and create a sense of tranquillity.

We think the best form of Indian head massage is performed lying on the massage couch. Traditionally, Indian head massage is a chair-based massage and we have the facilities on-site to do this, but from research we feel that the body responds better to the massage when totally relaxed and not holding tension.

Indian head massage is available at our West Bridgford and Beeston clinics.

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1 hour appointment £55

45 Mins appointment £45

A 24 hour cancellation policy is now being used.

Please note our prices are adjusted annually on September 1st in line with the Retail Price Index. 

Gift vouchers can now be bought online.

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  • Having been a regular sports massage client for a long time now I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from an Indian head massage. It was an entirely different experience! Hayley made me feel calm and relaxed, and I could actually feel the stresses and worries of the week drift away. It includes back, neck, arms and face as well as head, and leaves you in a zen-like state that you really don't want to leave. I can totally recommend this massage if you need to unwind.

  • I had an Indian Head Massage with Hayley at Adjust. The whole experience was very relaxing and the ambience warm & inviting. I left there feeling 10 years younger and oh so calm. 

  • Well worth the money. Hayley is very gentle and professional. She always asks if the pressure is good and where you as client need more attention.

  • The Indian head massage was excellent. The therapist tailored the massage to my needs - the relief of a migraine - and it worked! A good mix of therapy and relaxation. I would thoroughly recommend.

  • Brilliant massage- thank you

  • I have just been for my first Indian Head massage with Hayley. It was truly a lovely, relaxing experience. A very warm and welcoming environment. Hayley is a skilled and caring massage provider. Looking forward to my next treatment.

  • Hayley is an amazing host as well as massage therapist. She will make sure that you are getting the massage that you want, whether it means gentle or stronger. There's an amazing light that calms your mind and soul as well as meditation music that lets you relax and forget anything that is going on in your life. Just lay down and enjoy the pampering and relaxation that you need.

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