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Aromatherapy Massage Nottingham

Inhale the scent of essential oils and relax

Aromatherapy massage is a true sensory experience as it combines the relaxing experience of a massage with the benefits of essential oils. During the massage, the essential oils are absorbed by the skin and their essences are inhaled. It's this combination of the two that leads to this wonderful sensory experience. Essential oils are concentrated plant oils that have a wide range of benefits, from helping to alleviate stress and promoting relaxation, to balancing hormones or relieving headaches. Our therapists will listen to your needs and select a suitable oil combination to give you the maximum benefits. Whether you have a specfiic issue or you just want an indulgent massage to escape the pressures of a busy life, an aromatherapy massage might just be the one for you.


  • 1 Hour £40
  • 45 mins £30

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A 24 hour cancellation policy is now being used.

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