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Biomechanics Nottingham

Biomechanics testing & coaching

Do you keep getting reoccurring injuries?

Are you training for something important and you feel like you don't move quite right?

Have you tried a physiotherapist or osteopath and not quite found what you're looking for?


What is Biomechanics Testing?

Biomechanics testing is a unique way of testing how the body moves. We assess the body as a whole rather than just focusing on one specific area. We run 27 tests to work out which muscles and joints are moving correctly and which are not. As part of the tests, we look at key areas like your feet, knees, hips, spine and shoulders.


What We Test

  • Muscle function
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Range of motion
  • Movement
  • Nerve function
  • Joint mobility
  • Foot pronation / supination


The Aim of Biomechanics Testing

The aim of biomechanics testing is to improve movement patterns rather than reduce pain. However, as pain can be caused by faulty movement patterns, it’s quite likely that an improvement in pain levels will be noticed once you start moving better.

From experience, the timeframes you should be looking at are from 4 to 8 weeks to complete our programme. Bear in mind, however, that if you have long-standing issues it could take more time to see significant improvements.


Is a Biomechanics Assessment the Same as a Gait Analysis?

Not exactly. During a biomechanical assessment, the foot is assessed on its supination and pronation capabilities under load but we don’t carry out a full gait analysis. We do offer gait analysis as a separate service though so you could add that to your biomechanics assessment or have a gait analysis instead if you don’t need a full-body assessment.


The Initial Consultation

Your first appointment will last 1.75 hours and during that time we’ll run 27 tests to work out which parts of your body are moving correctly and which aren’t. At the end of the appointment we’ll explain our findings to you and then demonstrate some exercises you can do at home to help improve your results. These exercises could be aimed at preventing muscle spasms, increasing mobility or improving strength in certain muscles.


Ongoing Appointments

Each time you come in, we’ll assess you to check how you’re progressing. We may also include some form of soft tissue therapy during the appointment to maximise your results. This can range from massage and fascial release to acupuncture and stretching. We’ll also provide you with some new exercises that you can do at home to further improve your movement patterns.

For best results, we recommend initial bi-weekly appointments. Our aim is not to keep you coming back, but to get you moving better as soon as possible and reduce your time in clinic with us!  



  • Full Biomechanical Assessment: £90 (1.75 hrs)
  • Express Biomechanical Assessment £55 (1 hr) 
  • Follow-up Appointments: £55 (1hr)
  • Monthly Follow-up Package: £190 (4 x 1 hr)

 Biomechanics appointments are available at only our West Bridgford clinic.

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