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Reflexology for Infertility

Categories: Reflexology
Tags: Infertility

When many people picture their ideal life, that life includes a loving partner and children of their own. Sadly, some couples have trouble conceiving when the time is right. It can be an issue with either member of the couple or both, and it is emotionally wrenching.

The turmoil brought on by infertility can create a vicious circle. The mind-body connection is always an important factor in health but here, it is crucial. The stress and sadness brought on by infertility - and conventional treatments - can get in the way of conception. Reflexology may be the catalyst you need to put your fertility struggles behind you and finally get pregnant. It has worked for many other couples.

How Reflexology for infertility works

Reflexology uses pressure points on the feet to align and balance the body’s systems. Based on an ancient Chinese technique related to acupuncture, reflexology clears blockages in the body’s energy pathways. Paired with healthy habits and a positive attitude, it can help get both of you physically and emotionally ready to become parents.

Knowing you’re doing everything you can to support conception will make you feel relaxed and secure. Finding a therapist who can bring strong intuition and genuine healing energy to the problem will bring confidence and comfort.

Many couples have had their struggles with infertility resolved after a few reflexology sessions. Some couples combine reflexology with medical treatments for infertility and find that complementary reflexology contributes to faster, more successful results.

Reflexology has helped many couples

If you haven’t already done a Google search for reflexology and infertility, then try it! You’ll find plenty of stories from happy parents who tried reflexology after years of infertility and conceived within a month or two.

“After trying for three years I resorted to reflexology... My therapist said she often treats women with infertility and had a good success rate. Apparently it stimulates all the right bits and hormones inside. Was pregnant within 2 months.” --Charlotte J on Netmums

“I had a couple of reflexology sessions because I was very stressed at work. Three months later I conceived my daughter after 17 years of infertility.” --Bunbaker on Mumsnet

“I had been trying for dc2 for 10 months with no success... Went for reflexology and was told I had crunchy tubes... this was at the start of my period… Went again two weeks later, tubes less crunchy... Dd2 is now 2 ½, so for me it definitely worked.” --luckoftheirish, Mumsnet

Reflexology for infertility: what to expect

Reflexology for infertility involves intense stimulation of areas on the hands and feet that are linked with the organs and systems involved in conception, which balances the energy in the reproductive organs. The benefits of reflexology for conception apply to both men and women.

Reflexology can:

  • clear blockages in the lymphatic and circulatory systems
  • correct hormone imbalances
  • release toxins from the liver
  • stimulate the libido

When conception has become difficult, it’s time to find your best self. Limit alcohol, eat a healthy diet, stay physically active, minimise stress, and try reflexology. Reflexology can be the key to finally creating the right physical, emotional, and spiritual environment for conception.

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